Primark High Shine Lipstick Crayons

On a recent trip to Primark I picked up two of their High Shine Lipstick Crayons and today I’m sharing my thoughts on them!

I chose the shades Rose Quartz and Ruby Red. It seems I can’t stay away from a classic red and mid pink as these are almost identical colours to the Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipsticks I shared a while back! I guess you can’t have too much of a good thing!

I have to say first impressions were amazing! The colour payoff is incredible, especially for a glossy crayon. Practically opaque with one swipe!

The crayon style makes these super easy to apply and the formula feels very moisturising on the lips. As with most balm-like lipsticks the lasting power isn’t the best, but if like me you don’t mind touching up your lip colour a couple of times throughout the day, then you will probably get on just fine with these.

Okay, so here’s the only negative, but I’m sure for some this will be a huge put-off! The scent of these lipsticks is quite unpleasant. Frankly, they smell, and unfortunately taste, like cheap plastic! After a while it is barely noticeable, however, so I don’t mind it too much, though I know there are many of you that would!

At just £2 each they are very reasonably priced and if you can stand the smell they are pretty good quality.

What Primark beauty products are you loving right now?

Ra ❤


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