Born Pretty Store: Safari Stamping Plate

Born Pretty Store have a wide variety of stamping plates and I was lucky enough to be sent three to review so today I’m sharing the first one with you.


As you can see this plate has some super cute designs! All of these are perfect for summer nail art or if you love animals!

The designs transfer easily and look really pretty on the nails!


After a lot of practicing with various nail polishes I found metallic polishes work amazingly with stamping and look great against a bold base colour! Any polishes that need two or three coats to get full coverage do not work well with stamping!


It’s also important to remember not to put too much polish on the plate as it’s more likely to smudge the design when you transfer it if you do.


I love how many different looks you can come up with using stamping plates and I know this one in particular is going to be used a lot this summer!


You can find this stamping plate here: Safari Stamping Plate

Born Pretty Store has everything you could need for gorgeous nail art. And you can use my discount code RARW10 for 10% off your Born Pretty Store order!


Ra ❤

*This stamping plate was sent to me by Born Pretty Store for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

Leopard Print!

I used to think leopard print was a bit tacky but just recently I’ve been really into all types of animal print. I even have giraffe print sunglasses!

So, looking at a few pictures of leopard print I wondered exactly how hard it could be to create this look in a nail art. It turned out to be one of the easiest looks ever! (: And, like always I have only used a hair grip. I may one day invest in some nail art pens! Ha! (:

I chose mint green just because it looks good with my hair. Vain, I know, but I love the colour. Okay, so once the base coat was dry I made splodges using the hair grip in a goldy colour. And then just went around the edges with black, leaving little gaps here and there. You really need a top coat with this as it looks a bit bumpy without.

Very simple, but oh so cute!

Ra ♥