Kawaii Candy Cupcake

I thought I would share another kawaii inspired nail art I did recently. :) Still a very pink and girly design, this time with a yummy cupcake! :)

What do you think? This one is more of an explosion of all my ideas. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do so I just put everything in one design. Ha! I wanted to keep the kawaii face and the candy stripes like I did in my previous nail art because I thought they were just uber cute! :) You can see my other kawaii nail art here.. https://rarareid.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/candy-pink-kawaii/

So taking the lead from the candy stripes I added polka dots in the same colours and chose to do a delicious cupcake and a swirl lollipop. Katy Perry’s California Gurls video was playing when I was planning out my design, can you see the influence? Ha. :)

Adorable and yummy nails!

Ra ♥

Polka Dot Tips

I thought I would share a simple look with you all today. Something very quick and easy! I used only 3 colours for this, and I love how you can adapt it and use any 3 colours you like. :)

As you can see it is a super easy design! I’ve also tried this look with added glitter on the top which looks great too. Sometimes I don’t want to spend ages doing a fun nail art look so something like this is perfect if you want the effect of a full nail art but without having to spend so much time to get it. :)

I’d love to know what you all think of this. What’s your go-to look when you don’t have a lot of time?

Ra ♥

Paw Print

I have a quick nail art for you now, so not much to say about it really! :)

A pretty simple design, but paw prints are super cute! Just make one big dot and add little ones above it. :) I used my nail pens for these but you can use a hair grip or the ball end of a pin to get the same effect. I did 3 sets using Avon Nailwear Pro in Aqua Fantasy and lilac and Barry M Cobalt Blue. I think the mint with light gold paw prints are my favourite though. :)

Ra ♥

A Little Bit Rockabilly

I love all things vintage and quirky and planning my 50s tea party themed wedding has made me a little bit more obsessed. Still a year to go until the big day but I can’t help but search endlessly for anything and everything that is even a little bit retro! Planning all the little things takes up so much time, but it’s so fun!

So going from that, I have done a rockabilly inspired nail art. Maybe something similar to this for our bridesmaids?

I started by applying a base coat of the lovely bright Barry M Red. Then to make the bow I used my hair grip to put a dot in the middle of my ring finger and then add the tringle-ish shape either side. I added dots to the other nails as I waited for the bow to dry, then I put 2 black lines in to the sides of the bow to add dimension.

Quite an easy nail art! The bow can be a little tricky the first few tries, but practice makes perfect. :)

Ra ♥