A Little Bit Rockabilly

I love all things vintage and quirky and planning my 50s tea party themed wedding has made me a little bit more obsessed. Still a year to go until the big day but I can’t help but search endlessly for anything and everything that is even a little bit retro! Planning all the little things takes up so much time, but it’s so fun!

So going from that, I have done a rockabilly inspired nail art. Maybe something similar to this for our bridesmaids?

I started by applying a base coat of the lovely bright Barry M Red. Then to make the bow I used my hair grip to put a dot in the middle of my ring finger and then add the tringle-ish shape either side. I added dots to the other nails as I waited for the bow to dry, then I put 2 black lines in to the sides of the bow to add dimension.

Quite an easy nail art! The bow can be a little tricky the first few tries, but practice makes perfect. :)

Ra ♥