Born Pretty Store: Houndstooth Stamping Plate!

Born Pretty Store has some of the most wonderful stamping plates and I have some fantastic ones to share with you over the next couple of weeks! Today’s plate is full of the most gorgeous prints!

houndstooth 1

I love stamping plates as they help me create nail art that I wouldn’t be able to get if done freehand and houndstooth is a design I’ve been wanting to wear on my nails for a long time but I’ve never managed to get it quite right!

So of course, the first nail art I tried with this plate, was the houndstooth! I’ve kept the look simple and chic in black and grey.


Here’s another great look you can get with this plate!



What do you think of these designs? If you fancy wearing them yourself you can find this plate here: Houndstooth Stamping Plate!

Born Pretty Store has everything you could need for gorgeous nail art. And you can use my discount code RARW10 for 10% off your Born Pretty Store order!


Ra ❤

*This stamping plate was sent to me by Born Pretty Store for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.


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