Nail Care With Make Up Gallery

Nail care has become an increasingly important part of my beauty routine over the last couple of years. Back when I started this blog in 2012 it was something I didn’t pay much attention to, preferring to just go straight to covering imperfections with nail polish. As I wanted to improve my nail art and swatches to share with you all I quickly learnt that the best way was to take more care of my nails and cuticles.

Today I’m sharing some super budget friendly products from Make Up Gallery that will get your nails looking beautiful!


Step 1 – Cuticle Oil: Brush the oil liberally over your cuticles and massage in. As your cuticles soften push them gently back. This oil is really fantastic for hydrating cuticles and soaks in very quickly. It’s more like a dry oil texture, think dry argan hair oil but for your nails.

Step 2 – Healthy Nails: At first I thought this was a polish but this is actually a nail oil. Brush this over the entire nail and massage in. Again, the texture of this is really good, not at all greasy! I also thought it left my nails looking much brighter and healthier.

Step 3 – Nail Hardener: Make sure your nails are oil free before applying this otherwise it will be bumpy and uneven. I like to remove excess oil with a moisturising polish remover. This nail hardener is super glossy and dries in a very impressive time! I use this when I’m not wearing colour and definitely love the natural glow it gives.

For only £1 each these are such a bargain! Pick them up at your local Poundland.

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Ra ❤ 

*These products were paid for by Make Up Gallery for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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