17 Magnetized Polish In Lilac

Today I want to share swatches of one of my new polishes I got for Christmas.. 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Lilac!

17 Magnetized Lilac 1

This is only the second magnetic polish I’ve tried, and I don’t know if all brands are the same but, as was the Barry M Magnetic, this was just perfect to apply! The formula is thicker and creamier than a general polish but not so much that it affects application. I got a wonderfully smooth finish with only one coat! The colour before using the magnet was really beautiful. A very unique shade.

I followed the instructions on the bottle..

Apply polish and whilst wet, hover magnet over nail. Wait for effect to develop. Allow to fully dry. Add a clear top coat.

17 Magnetized Lilac 2

You have to do one nail at a time as the polish dries super quick and if you were to paint all your nails before using the magnet the first nail would already be dry. Also, I find it best to gently rock the magnet side-to-side so the pattern can appear over most of the nail. Around 10 seconds should be enough time to create the effect.

I really love this shade. I especially like how it catches the light and gives a fantastic 3D look.

17 Magnetized Lilac 3

As much as I like the shatter effect polishes I’m glad that magnetic polish is getting more popular. It’s a very simple and easy-to-do nail look! And is much more sophisticated!

Have you tried the magnetic look yet?

Ra ♥

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