Leopard Print!

I used to think leopard print was a bit tacky but just recently I’ve been really into all types of animal print. I even have giraffe print sunglasses!

So, looking at a few pictures of leopard print I wondered exactly how hard it could be to create this look in a nail art. It turned out to be one of the easiest looks ever! (: And, like always I have only used a hair grip. I may one day invest in some nail art pens! Ha! (:

I chose mint green just because it looks good with my hair. Vain, I know, but I love the colour. Okay, so once the base coat was dry I made splodges using the hair grip in a goldy colour. And then just went around the edges with black, leaving little gaps here and there. You really need a top coat with this as it looks a bit bumpy without.

Very simple, but oh so cute!

Ra ♥

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